The Best Laid Plans…

I’m sure if you were a reader of this blog you were wondering where I have gone. After all, I was doing pretty good for the first part of January of keeping this thing up to date. On January 22nd my husband woke me up at about 11:30 pm and said, “So, just FYI we have about 3 inches of water downstairs, do you know how to turn off the water?” Apparently, courtesy of the polar vortex (aka, it being super cold) we had a pipe freeze and burst. Thank God we were home, that’s all I can say. And Thank God for our dogs who started barking to let us know.

The damage was pretty bad. It wasn’t jaw dropped but we had to cut out part of our ceiling. Our entire living room floor is being replaced. We had to repaint all the walls in our living room. We had water coming in through light fixtures, so those needed to be replaced as well. The builder had done a pretty crumby job at insulating our house so Thank God (sense a theme) my Dad knows a good contractor who added in extra insulation to keep (at least that area) from freezing over again.

I’m not going to lie. This was probably the most stressed I’ve been since we were in the process of buying this house. Our whole downstairs was practically use less. We had giant fans in dehumidifiers in here for 10 days (not an exaggeration) because we couldn’t get the company to come back and get them. It snowed twice during this time making it impossible to not track dirt in everywhere. We’ve had people in our house almost every day for the last two weeks who don’t live here. We’ve been thrown out of our routine. It’s been less thank great. But honestly I couldn’t have gotten through it without God, my amazingly calm husband, and my super supportive family.

Pretty much everything is back to normal now except for a few things. We still need to get our lighting fixtures replaced out. (The electrician is coming Saturday). We still need to replace the carpet with a laminate flooring (hopefully being purchased this weekend), and we need to have this place cleaned. I normally don’t mind cleaning myself but this house has been such a construction zone and out of sorts nightmare the last 3 weeks that I feel like it needs a professional.

In the course of all this chaos I have completely lost track of my happiness project. It’s February 4th and I have no theme for this month. I am trying to get better at everything I do constantly but the last few weeks have been a struggle on me. (For more reasons that I’ll go into in a spate blog). I need to start getting back on track. I think that’s going to start with exercise. I am most disappointed that I haven’t worked out in 3.5 weeks so I want to add that back. But beyond that, I just feel a little stuck. I felt like I was making such great strides towards getting my life organized and practicing happier habits and then BOOM God throws this at me like, “Haha, don’t think that I’m ever not the one in charge of your future.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t thing it was a punishment, rather, get yourself in perspective little human.

Anyway, so that’s where I’ve been. I’m actually about to type a 2nd update post but for the sake of organization and shorter posts I wanted to keep it separate.