January 2014 Resolution Chart

One of the tools that Gretchen Rubin used in her happiness project was the use of a Resolution Chart. When I was starting to work on my project this past weekend I wasn’t sure if I would be able to. Yes, the idea is great, but I didn’t know that I could summarize my goal enough that I’d have little steps I could work on each day, that would still be in line with my goal. I know it sounds silly but I really was having trouble.

In the end I decided I thought that the practice was too good of an idea to skip out on. I did my best, but they don’t all perfectly fit with “organization”. Either way, I thought I’d share the resolution chart I made.

I did mine by hand because I find the act of creating something somewhat relaxing, and I honestly thought I’d be more invested in it that way. I added a bible verse in the corner to make me smile, and to remind me that God is going to support me in my process.

Resolution Chart

January 2014

The Resolutions

Sixty Second Rule

This is straight out of The Happiness Project, but also a principle I’ve heard before. Basically, if something will only take 60 seconds just go ahead and do it. Examples of this might be washing out a mug, putting a load of laundry away, or even wiping down the counter in the bathroom every day.

Obey the Alarm

Basically, get up WHEN the alarm goes off. I have a bad habit of setting an alarm for an early hour with plans to do things before I get to work, and by the time that it’s time to get up and it goes off I “change my mind”. I argue with myself and tell myself that I am just “too tired.” No more. This month the goal is to get up with the alarm, and get moving. This is one of my resolutions because I think waking up later than I planned sets my day off with disappointment. Sometimes the only reason I set my alarm early is to have a cup of coffee and read. Yes, I could do that in the evening so it’s not a big deal if I sleep in but I’m always disappointed I did.

Exercise Consistently

This idea vaguely came from the book as well. In short I want to exercise 20 minutes 6 times a week. Rest on the 7th day. I should be able to do this. And more importantly I will never be sad that I did. Today I ran 2 miles, and tomorrow I might do some free weights and ab work. I can do 20 minutes a day.

Act Energetic

This one is what it sounds like. I just need to do it. I think I may need to make this a mantra more than anything else. Every time I start to feel “tired” (thus getting crabby or mopey) I need to tell myself to just act energetic, and get to the root of why I’m actually tired. Normally its more to do with dreading something I need to do!

Use To-Do Lists

I mentioned in my last post that I am using a daily planner. That in some ways serves as a to-do list. As well, I am going to start each morning off at work by writing down what I need or want to get done that day. According to Gretchen’s book, the simple task of just checking things off can give you a boost of happiness.

Does anyone reading this have any advice for me? And ways to remind myself to act energetically? Any 20 minute workouts that you do? Let me know, please!!


Gratitude Friday: August 16th, 2013

I’ve decided to start my first “regular” post here on “The Coffee Darling”, Gratitude Friday. Each Friday I will pick a handful of things from the past week to share my gratitude for. There won’t be a set number, because I feel like things lose their genuineness when you do that. Please let me know what you think of this idea!

1- This weather– I live in the midatlantic and for the past three or four days the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. We had highs in the mid seventies, maybe up to eighty, with lows in the mid-fifties and low-sixties. It has been such a nice reprieve from these crazy humid days where the “feel real” temperature has been close to one hundred. They’ve been a great excuse to roll down the windows, and turn up the music. This weather reminds me that fall is on it’s way, arguably my favorite season of the year (I could write an entire blog series on why I love fall). It reminds me to just slow down and take a deep breath.

2- Support– I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on here before, but a few years ago, probably three or four at this point, I used to make videos on YouTube. They were mostly beauty vlogs, and every day life vlogs. I made videos for probably about a year. I wasn’t super successful but I did get up to 1,500 subscribers which was an accomplishment to me. One of the girls who befriended me was Kim, or Rubenesquex3 At the time we were both starting out, but now she has almost 65,000 subscribers (although she deserves many more). And do you know what? She still follows me on twitter. She still responds to my tweets. She has even tweeted out my blog to her twitter followers, twice. I don’t think I can explain how much that means to me. I know the idea of social networking is you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, but it still means so much to me that she takes the time for me. So many girls on YouTube let their success change them and wouldn’t still support me, so I can’t quite express how grateful I am for the support. It’s hard to find your place on the internet, so people supporting you and helping you really makes a difference.

3- My Gym Membership – When I first started my job I asked my Dad if he would talk to his friend at the gym, to see if I could get a lower than advertised rate. I’m never the type to do this, but my Dad offered and if I could get the membership for $35 dollars instead of fifty, I would take him up on it. He talked to his friend and his friend gave me the “corporate rate” even though I wasn’t part of a company. I paid that price for a year- even when there were entire months that I just couldn’t make it to the gym. About a year ago the company I work for decided to get a corporate rate for all the employees who wanted to sign up- I said I’d switch to the company plan so that we could get a lower rate as an office. Then it was announced that the company would pay half of our gym membership; so instead of paying $35 dollars a month I pay 17.50. I am so grateful for that. Gym memberships are pricey. I love my gym. They are right across the street from my work, and only about a ten minute drive for my house (which is partially because I actually go the speed limit). I’ve started taking yoga, pilates, and spin classes there and I really feel like I am getting a bang for my buck.

What are you grateful for this Friday? Is there anyone you want to thank? What do you think of these posts? Are there any other “regular” blog series that you would like to see?