The Case of the Missing Blogger

Hello blogging world- I know it has been quite some time. I had some major life changes that took place in the beginning of Lent that totally misdirected the focus of the last few months. The big news? I’m pregnant! I am 13 weeks (I actually found out 10 weeks ago today.) As you can imagine, even when you are planning for something like that the shock that it has actually happened is a little bit distracting. It completely threw off my path for Lent because I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

Over the last few weeks I’m way more used to the idea and better able to focus on things in my life again. We just got back from a vacation in Disney, the hours at work have simmered down, and I’ve even started attending a bible study at my friend’s house once a week. So yes, things are definitely getting back to normal, or at least, the new normal.

That’s all I really wanted to share for now. I will have more posts in the next couple of weeks I just wanted to explain why I’ve been on a hiatus and let everyone know I will be back.


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