A Failed Experiment

When I was in high school (or even middle school) and I would write a paper or essay that I was particularly proud of, I’d ask everyone if they wanted to read it. I would be bursting with pride and just needed to show people what I’d done. I’ve become pretty proud of my blog. While most of it is just story telling, it is something I put my time and energy into. So on Friday, wanting to get more exposure, I decided to buy a 5  dollar credit on StumbleUpon. The way it worked is that I entered information about my blog, picked a target demographic, and it calculated how much it would charge me for each view it guaranteed. All in all I think my five dollars provided about 30-40 views.

I was convinced that getting people to interact with me on my blog was simply a matter of exposure. More people needed to see my blog, and then more people would stop by to comment and give feedback. It turns out I was wrong. On Friday I had about the 2nd highest views for one day as I’ve ever had, and not one person commented, liked a single post, or decided to follow my blog. In my head all I see is the saying, “Money can’t buy you friends.”

One of my inspirations for this blog, Rebecca Kelsey (see her blog here), told me to blog for myself and then the rest would fall into place. I should have listened to her advice.  People are only going to follow your blog if they like your voice and your content. I just thought I’d share the little lesson I’d learned with everyone else so that you don’t take for granted the power in any blog is the voice of the author, not the views.


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