13 Things in 2013

A few weeks or a month, or two, ago I was inspired to start a bucket list for things I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2013. Two other people I follow on the internet are doing similar things. Project Light to Life has established blog for her project and Rubenesquex3 classified hers as a summer bucket list.

As it is, it took me literally weeks to come up with thirteen items for mine. I wanted to make sure that the items on it were somewhat attainable. I know the point of a bucket list is to do things you wouldn’t normally do- but I know in the next four months my husband and I won’t have the money or time off to fly to England, so I am not going to set myself up to fail. That being said, please enjoy my 2013 Bucket List. Let me know what you would have put on yours!

2013 Bucket List 

1- Go to a wine or beer festival

2- Buy my blogs domain name (www.thecoffeedaring.com)

3- Visit the Museums in Philadelphia

4- Meet my friend Jill from out of state, who will be visited a near by town late this year. (We’ve been internet friends for probably 3 years now)

5- Finish 13 More Books (I might do a separate post on which books I hope to read)

6- Bake a batch of cookies and just show up at a friends house to deliver them

7- Run another 5k

8- Introduce myself to someone who could become a new friend

9- Master a new cookie recipe

10- Master tree pose

11- Learn to crochet

12- Start an herb garden indoors (I’m thinking Basil and Cilantro if anyone has any suggestions)

13- Try a zumba class at the gym


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