Summer Mornings Never Tasted So Good

If you don’t remember, one of my first posts here on The Coffee Darling, talked about how I like to take my time in the mornings and take a few minutes to just enjoy life, or read a book. Lately I’ve had to kind of give up some of my “morning” time so that I can get into work earlier, get my nine (or more) hour days in, and still be home to go to a class at the gym after work. As such, I’ve kind of been missing that nice “calm” feeling that comes with a quiet house and a cup of coffee. The other morning I was rushing around trying to feed the dogs and get myself ready for work when I decided I just wasn’t in the MOOD for hot coffee, plus all my carrier mugs were in my car, and would have needed to be washed. That’s when I came up with this beautiful concoction. (Actually that’s kind of a lie, nothing super hard or unique about this, just thought I’d share it with you.)



Basically, I’ve only tried making iced coffee in my Keurig a few times and I was never that impressed. This time I felt like I had picked up an iced treat from some fancy coffee caffe. Here was what I did- I filled my 24oz tumbler about half full with ice and then I put in about a “shot” of caramel syrup (I picked up my bottle at SAMs for about 5 dollars, but I’ve seen them at other grocery stores too.) Then I poured in my half and half. I let my k-cup brew over all the ice/ingredients because it normally mixes better that way. I used an extra bold k-cup to try and maintain some coffee flavor.

After it brewed I put in more ice until my cup was absolutely full. This drink is delicious. I don’t think the coffee flavor is super strong, but it’s definitely still there. I love this drink and I’m so glad I thought to try it- I’m sure other flavors like vanilla or hazelnut would be yummy as well.

Let me know what you think. Is there an unique way you use your Keurig?


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