Adventures in Jam Making


This past weekend a friend and I set out to make jam. It was such a fun process that I thought I’d share. We ended up making 24 total; 9 peach and 15 raspberry- we did two batches of the raspberry.

The process is pretty simple. For the peaches you peel and finely chop them until you have 4 cups. I can’t remember exactly how many peaches this took- maybe 10. For the raspberry jam you just use a potato masher to “mash” them until you have four cups- it will take around 30oz of raspberries. If you are making the peach jam, you will need to add a quarter cup lemon juice at this point and mix it in so that the jam doesn’t turn brown. This step isn’t necessary for the raspberry.

Once your fruit is ready, you combine it with the correct amount of sugar per your recipe. For the peach we needed 7 1/2 cups and for the raspberry we needed 6 1/2 cups. (Don’t short yourself on the sugar!)

Now go ahead and put the sugar and fruit mixture on the stove and bring it to a rolling boil (this might take a while- I recommend having a friend to chat with!) Make sure to stir it constantly to make sure nothing burns. Once you reach a rolling boil, add 1 packet pectin, this is what allows the jam to “thicken” or “set”. Bring the mixture back to a rolling boil and let it cook one more minute.

At this point you will transfer your jam to your 8oz mason jars, I would use a funnel. Make sure you fill them very close to the rim (about 1/8th inch should remain). Before you put the lids on clean the rim of all residue. Take a lid out of hot water (I should have mentioned that you will need to keep your lids in hot water) and put it on top of your jar, and then screw on the metal ring,

Once your jars are filled, turn them up side down for 5 minutes (we did 7 to be sure)- this is what will seal the jars. After 5 minutes flip the jars back over and do not touch them until they have cooled a bit. After about half an hour or forty five minutes press the center of the jar lid- they should only pop once (if at all) and you shouldn’t be able click the lid repeatedly. If you can they didn’t seal- if that’s the case, you can either seal them another way (there are big pots and pressure cooker methods, but I am not versed in those) or freeze them.

This is just the process we used- you can use pretty much any fruit, just look up the specific recipe. Methods vary a bit, especially when it comes to sealing, but I thought it would be a fun idea for anyone looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with a girlfriend or their mom.

Thanks for reading!


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