Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

This weeks writing challenge is to write a recipe for yourself.  Check it out here for more of an explanation. Just a warning, this recipe is not for the faint of heart.

What You’ll Need

-1 Cup Silliness
-1/2 Cup Pink Flower (yes, flower)
-2 Puppy Dog Snuggles (preferably 1 boy, 1 girl)
-1 Freshly Lit Candle
-1 Fuzzy Blanket (may substitute 2 pillows)
-3 Sugar Cookies
-2 heaping tablespoons Crazy
-3 fluid ounces Sadness & Remorse
-2 shakes Blissful Ignorance
-1 teaspoon Judgement
-1/2 teaspoon Cheerfulness (to sweeten)
-4 cups pink glitter
-An iPad with Netflix streaming capability

To Prepare:

While it has never been proven to effect the outcome of the recipe, it is highly recommended that the first step in preparing this recipe is to set up the iPad and immediately begin streaming “How I Met Your Mother” or “Scrubs” reruns- it soothes the ingredients.

In large pink mixing bowl combine the 1 cup silliness, 1/2 cup pink flower, 2 puppy dog snuggles, 1 freshly lit candle, and 3 sugar cookies. Immediately make your decision about whether you will be using 1 fuzzy blanket or 2 pillows. This is important, if you need to substitute 2 pillows for the fuzzy blanket, begin reassuring the ingredients that everything will be okay. If the ingredients are not properly warned and consoled about the substitution the entire recipe will fall to pieces. Once the other ingredients are prepared, add either the fuzzy blanket or the two pillows (although it is highly recommended you stick to the fuzzy blanket).

In a separate bowl dump in the two heaping tablespoons of Crazy, which should be immediately followed by the Sadness and Remorse. Make sure to really mix these ingredients together so that they are evenly distributed throughout the whole recipe. Once mixed, add in the Blissful Ignorance and Judgement. At this point you should taste for flavor. You’ll likely find this too sour, in which case, add in the Cheerfulness to sweeten it up.

Begin to fold the seasonings into the foundational ingredients. Work slowly, you want to make sure that every bite will have a little bit of everything. Once everything has been combined top with the 4 cups pink glitter. You may find it’s still not quite enough, so just add more, there really can’t ever be too much.

To serve

This dish is best served on a silver platter, with a grande (not tall, not venti, and certainly not treinta) coffee from Starbucks. Enjoy with your favorite book!


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