For most of the winter months I am forced to surrender most of my morning time to work. My job is somewhat seasonal (although it’s full time year round), and those winter months demand extra face time in the office. Every spring, when the work load finally lessens, and the sun starts to rise early again, I am reminded what a glorious gift the time between 7am-8am is every day.

As a goal, most mornings I try to be ready to walk out the door at 7am. Once 7am comes around, I kick off my shoes, turn on the coffee maker, and set out to picking out my breakfast. My darling husband has been a bad influence, and over the two years we’ve been living together I’ve gone from fat-free yogurts to small packages of donuts. On the surface that sounds awful, but I do have a rule. The little packs of donuts can be no more calorie heavy than a healthy breakfast (about 250 calories) and if I get hungry mid-morning, that’s my fault for choosing that breakfast, no morning snacks. And honestly it works.

In many ways I feel like my morning routine is an exercise in ‘the little things’. I don’t need this extra hour that I take to myself every morning. I know for  a fact that I can get through the days just fine without it. But treating my self to drinking coffee in my own home, normally reading a few chapters from a book with my dogs snoozing near by, that might be my favorite 45 minutes of the day.

What time of the day is your favorite? Do you have a morning routine? Do you have a coffee mug that you drink from because you swear it makes your mood better? Please let me know! And thank you to the followers I already have. More blog posts to come in the next few days! Please feel free to leave other blog suggestions in the comments to this post!


— The Coffee Darling


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